In Part 2 of our conversation with Cristian Sosa, the owner of Las Vegas-based Sosa Metalworks talks about his unique process of using welding rods to design frames for his custom motorcycles; how he's developed an aesthetic/style that customers seek and trust; how he's integrating more CAD and other technologies into his work; how he's created an truly immersive experience for those who register for his workshops and classes; and the motorcycle project he's working on with his daughter as part of the Harley-Davidson Homecoming Event and 120th anniversary celebration this summer in Milwaukee.

Jump to 15:57 to get to our talk with Cristian Sosa. Machining Fabrication

Creating a fabrication aesthetic, teaching others, and riding Harleys: Part 2 with Cristian Sosa

At the top, The Fabricator Senior Editor Tim Heston joins host Dan Davis and guys to chat about motorbikes and mullets. More specifically, Tim goes into detail about a story he wrote about Swedish manufacturer Stilride, and their revolutionary Stilfold process, which takes a new approach to sheet metal bending and implements it into building an electric scooter chassis that comprises of just six thin pieces of curved stainless steel. We also scroll through a Twitter thread of AI-generated portraits of U.S. presidents with mullets and sunglasses.

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Check out Part 1 with Cristian Sosa: Watch and listen

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Creating a fabrication aesthetic, teaching others, and riding Harleys: Part 2 with Cristian Sosa

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