ADSS/OPGW optical cable tension clamps are mainly used for line corners/terminal positions; tension clamps bear full tension and connect ADSS optical cables to terminal towers, corner towers and optical cable connection towers; aluminum-clad steel pre-twisted wires are used for ADSS The optical cable plays the role of protection and improving shock resistance.

1. U-shaped hanging ring: U-shaped hanging ring of high-quality cast steel made of hot-dip galvanized material, which is used to connect with the fasteners of the tower. Bright Steel Nails

How to install ADSS/OPGW optical cable tension clamp?

2. Inserting ring: hot-dip galvanized precision cast steel inserting ring, embedded in the bending head of the U-shaped hanging ring of the strain clamp, which can protect the strain clamp and connect with the extension rod.

3. PD hanging plate: use hot-dip galvanized precision cast steel PD hanging plate to connect the insert ring and U-shaped hanging ring, and avoid the optical cable at the exit of the tension clamp from being too close to the pole tower, so as to ensure that the The fiber optic cable has a sufficiently large bending radius.

4. Pre-twisted wire protection line: aluminum alloy wire made according to the predetermined mechanical properties and chemical composition, with high tensile strength, hardness, good elasticity and strong anti-rust ability, can be used in harsh climates long-term use.

5. Tension-resistant pre-twisted wire: It is made of galvanized steel wire or aluminum-clad steel wire. The pre-twisted wire is pre-bundled during factory processing, and a firm layer of emery is stuck on the inner wall to reduce the side pressure on the optical cable. Increased grip of strain relief clamps under conditions.

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How to install ADSS/OPGW optical cable tension clamp?

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